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Seminar (21-22)

It is proposed that the speakers talk to their chapters from the book “Defining Technological Literacy: Towards an Epistemological Framework” as indicated below. There will follow a critique by a selected second speaker who will attempt to situate the concepts behind the chapter such that they can be utilized in a technology education classroom setting.

Thursday 21st June 2007

9.00am        Introduction: John Dakers

9.30am        Don Ihde: The Designer Fallacy and Technological Imagination.

10.00am    David Barlex: Reply

10.15am    Discussion

10.45am    Coffee

11.15am    Joseph C Pitt: Human Beings as Technological Artifacts.

11.45am    Susan McLaren: Reply

12.00mid    Discussion

12.30pm    Lunch

1.30pm    Andrew Feenberg: What is Philosophy of Technology?

2.00pm    Steve Keirl: Reply

2.15pm    Discussion

2.45pm    Coffee

3.15pm    Leonard Waks: Re-thinking technological literacy for the global network era.

3.45pm    Margarita Pavlova: Reply

4.00pm    Discussion

4.30pm    Close: John Dakers

Friday 22nd June 2007

9.00am        Introduction: John Dakers

9.30am    Douglas Kellner: Reconstructing Technoliteracy: A Multiple Literacies Approach

10.00am    Howard Middleton: Reply

10.15am    Discussion

10.45am    Coffee

11.15am    Marc J. de Vries: Technological Knowledge and Artifacts: an analytical view.

11.45am    John Williams: Reply

12.00mid    Discussion

12.30pm    Lunch

1.30pm    Frank Banks: will discuss the chapter “From Knowledge to Information: Virtual Classrooms or Automated Diploma Mills?” by Michael Peters.

2.45pm    Coffee

3.15pm    Close: John Dakers

3,45pm    Taped interview sessions

7.00pm     Dinner with the main speakers



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